연결어 (연결사) 리스트 영어학습허브

(1) 예시: for example, for instance (예를들어)
(2) 역접: however, on the other hand, but, yet, by the way, still (그러나), in contrast, on the contrary (대조적으로)
(3) 첨가: in addition, moreover, furthermore, what's more, besides, additionally, also (게다가, 또한)
(4) 인과: as a result, therefore, as a consequence, in effect (그러므로), finally, consequently, eventually, after all (결국)
(6) 기타: in other words (다른 말로하면), nevertheless (그럼에도 불구하고), likewise (비슷하게), rather, instead (대신에), in fact, as a matter of a fact (사실상), otherwise (그렇지 않으면)

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